We as CESA2000 S.L do the import and export of Livestock animals and meat WORLD WIDE.


About Us

Since 2000, we have met the demands of hundreds of customers in the best way. We bring quality farm animals from the farms where they are raised to your address through various transportation channels. We are among the largest companies in the world in cattle breeding, small cattle breeding, poultry and frozen carcass meat trade.


We carefully carry out the distribution and halal slaughtering of livestock animals from Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgarian farms, South America and the United States.

What We Do?

CESA 2000 S.L is a company based in Spain, but with the connections it has established in the United States, South America, Europe, the Arabian Peninsula and many other countries and regions, it derives its import and export activities in a wide range of livestock (Slaughtering, Fattening, Breeding). We have a strong infrastructure with our international health certificates, ISO certificates, HACCP. In addition, we abide by Islamic rules.

CESA 2000 S.L
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